The Money Game

It is readily apparent that the media is reaping huge profits from this years Presidential Primary season. The orchestrated appeal of Clinton and Trump has driven up profit margins of the likes of Media General, Time Warner, and Hearst Corporation. It is these corporations who are the real influencers that sway public opinion. For Hilary Clinton many African Americans continue to be enamored by the fact that they feel she is the embodiment of the legacy of President Obama. This ingrained magnetism of the African American community has been manufactured by the media ever since 2008. A coordinated posturing to place Clinton as heir apparent for the White House.By the same token the media has gone out of their way to chastise, omit, distort, and even ignore the message that Senator Sanders has been saying for years. Instead the media has become complicit not just with the status-quo but have engineered and sanctioned a unilateral approach that ensures profitability even when the establishment doesn’t condone the message and behavior of one Donald Trump.Today, it really isn’t so astonishing that this primary season has turned out more Republican voters than Democrats. In 2008′s Super Tuesday primary the percentage of voter turnout was about the same as today’s only in reverse. Playing the Trump card has been instrumental as to why more Republican voters continue to turn out. And, at the same time increases the profits of media empires across the globe.If we look at the real message that Senator Sanders is trying to convey to people all across the country we find he has been pioneering a plan of direction that goes against the status-quo for years now. It is essentially a message of hope and renewed prosperity for all Americans. But, when have had the decline in our society that we have had academically and economically while the media keeps influencing a sociological shift that is unprecedented in modern times much of our population is convinced whatever the media distributes more than likely we become very susceptible to be coerced into believing and acting contrary to our best interests.It has been this sociological shift in American society where governmental policies have inadvertently contributed to the decline of the middle class. The decline of the middle class has given way to a new acceptance of sociological behavior that has been adopted by certain segments of the population. What we are seeing today are lower standards being assimilated into practically every entity of our lives. This includes manufactured items to the food we eat. Can it be any wonder then when someone like Trump comes along appeals to so many influenced by the media to capitulate on his growing polarity of the public?Today, the money game that’s played by the media where the cards are already stacked it is the American public who are the real losers. And, until we as a society wake up to the fact that we have been played like suckers and are being led like sheep by the money game that’s played the American experience that made us unique will be lost to the ages. What Bernie Sanders is trying to do is to rewrite the rules of the game to ensure we have a heritage to pass down to future generations.